Gazprom and Japanese companies analyze possible construction of LNG plant in Vladivostok

Gazprom's Vice Chairman, A. Ananenkov has met with the President, the CEO of Japan Far East Gas Co. Ltd, Y. Matsukava. The sides have signed the Agreement for execution of the joint technical and economical research for realization in Vladivostok area of an LNG plant and a gas chemistry complex. The document presupposes studying of the possibility for realization of the pilot project for gas liquefying in the Vladivostok area and its further off-land transporting. This research is important for increasing of gas supplies by Gazprom  to the APO region including for the reliable provision of power supplies to Japan, Mr. Ananenkov says. Japan stands fourth in the world by power consumption possessing nearly none of its own power resources. It imports 100% of the consumed gas as LNG and is the world leader by its import.

The Agreement between Gazprom and Japan Far East Gas Co. Ltd develops the Agreement signed in January 2011 by Gazprom and the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan for cooperation in preparing of the technical and economical research of the variants of natural gas use in Vladivostok area, transporting and sales of gas and of gas chemical products from the area to the target consumers in APO region. The framework agreement for cooperation between Gazprom and the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan was signed on November 21st 2005 for 5 years. In January 2011 it was prolonged for another 5 years. It sets the major directions for bilateral cooperation in gas sphere. They founded the Joint Coordination Committer for the Agreement realization and the Joint working group operates within its bounds. JAPAN FAR EAST GAS Co.,Ltd. is the consortium of the Japanese companies ITOCHU, JAPEX, MARUBENI, INPEX, CIECO that was founded with support of the Agency. The consortium participants are defined by the Japanese executors of the research.

Translated by Nadezhda Poltoratskaya



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