Analysis: Gazprom is not able to meet Japan’s gas need unlike its competitors

After the accident at the nuclear station Fukushima-1 Japan seriously thinks about turning away from nuclear power. Yesterday the Prime Minister of Japan N. Kan said that Japan would have to work out a new energy policy and gradually lower the production capacities of nuclear power stations, The Japan Times reports. It gives an opportunity for Gazprom to raise supplies to the country, RBK daily writes.
The analyst of IFD Capital V. Kryukov highly estimates the chances of Gazprom to sign contracts on LNG supply with Japan. Read more »

Gazprom is sure about a settlement in the dispute on the branch from Nord Stream

Gazprom plans to settle the dispute on the construction of the gas pipeline-branch Nel from Nord Stream on the territory of Germany and is sure that it won’t influence on the period of the project’s realization, the deputy CEO of Gazprom, CEO of Gazprom export A. Medvedev said in the interview to channel Vesti-24.
A few km of the pipeline are left and I’m sure that it will be settled and won’t influence the period of construction, he said.
Mr. Medvedev said that the Court decision didn’t ban the construction of the entire gas pipeline. Read more »

Gazprom states progress in South Stream preparation

Gazprom has announed about the making of progress in the preparation of a new shareholder agreement for the joint project on the Sea site of the South Stream project of 2 new participants , the German Wintershall Holding and the French EDF. 
The information management of Gazprom told UNIAN as a result of the meeting of A. Miller with the chairman of BASF SE K. Bock, a member of the executive directors committee of BASF SE H. Schwager and the chairman of Wintershall Holding GmbH R. Read more »

Gazprom obtained 50% in the JV for the Austrian site of South Stream

Gazprom OAO has entered into its book 50% in the company-operator of South Stream (South Stream AG) registered in Switzerland, the Russian company reports.
The joint project company South Stream AG was registered in Jan 2008. Gazprom and Eni are its founders on the parity basis. In November 2009 Gazprom and EDF signed a memorandum of understanding presupposing the possibility of EDF’s joining the project of construction of the sea part of the gas pipeline South Stream. Read more »

Gazprom expects getting gas royalty from Sakhalin-2

Gazprom is waiting on the government's provision to get a gas royalty from Sakhalin-2,  vice-president of the company A. Ananenkov reported.

We are soon expecting the government to issue the provision on making Gazprom the authorized company to get gas that Russia owns.

Gazprom has 50% shares plus one in Sakhalin Energy (project’s operator), Shell has 27.5%, Mitsui – 12.5%, Mitsubishi – 10%. Currently royalty is done in monetary value. Read more »

Sakhalin Energy has increased “Vityaz” oil shipping by 10% - up to 6.1 mln tons in 2010.

In 2010 Sakhalin Energy (The Sakhalin-2 operating company) extracted and shipped more than 6.1 million tons of “Vityaz” oil from the Prigorodniy port terminal, 10% more than in 2009, the company reports. Oil was shipped to 14 clients in 2010: Japan (33.9%), Korea (33,6%), China (24,8%), Phillipines (1,6%), USA (1,5%) and Thailand (1,6%). “Vityaz” oil is a new sort of oil, supplied by Sakhalin Energy. Analysts characterize this kind of oil as “a light, sweet oil, in quality close to the light oil from Oman ”. Read more »

Sakhalin Energy shipped over 10 million tons of LNG for export in 2010 within the framework of Sakhalin-2 project

Sakhalin Energy (the operator of Sakhalin-2) shipped over 10 million tons of liquefied natural gas for export in 2010. The consumers got 154 lots of LNG in total, the chairman of Shell (27.5% in Sakhalin Energy) in Russia Ch.Watson stated to the corporate edition of OAO “Gazprom” (key shareholder of Sakhalin Energy), RBK reports. Read more »

Gazprom and Japanese companies analyze possible construction of LNG plant in Vladivostok

Gazprom Vice Chairman of the Board A. Ananenkov has met with the President, the CEO of Japan Far East Gas Co. Ltd Y. Matsukava. The sides have signed the Agreement for execution of the joint technical and economical research for realization in Vladivostok area of an LNG plant and a gas chemistry complex. The document presupposes studying of the possibility for realization of the pilot project for gas liquefying in the Vladivostok area and its further off-land transporting. Read more »

Wintershall to invest €100 mln into gas and condensate production in Russia in 2011

The German oil and gas company Wintershall (gas subdivision of BASF concern) in 2011 plans to invest €100 mln into the gas and condensate production projects in Russia, the managing director of Wintershall Russland Gmbh M. Hoffman told RIA Novostri.
Earlier the chairman of Wintershall R. Seele said that the company plans to invest into the development of the Urengoi gas deposit in Russia €1 bln.
M. Hoffman said that the total amount of the investment of Wintershall in Russia might increase taking into account the new Russian projects of the company. Read more »

Wintershall to invest € 1 billion to joint gas production in Urengoy with Gazprom

Wintershall, a 100% branch under BASF is going to invest € 1 billion to joint gas production in Urengoy with Gazprom, the Chairman of Wintershall Board R. Sele reports in the interview to Russia Today. The volume of investment will depend upon the scheme of the deposit's development. In March 2011 Gazprom and Wintershall agreed to the development on a parity basis of 2 additional achimovsky layers at Urengoy deposit. In exchange Gazprom gets equal shares in Wintershall projects for gas exploration and production in the North Sea. Read more »

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