The go-ahead for inert anodes given at KrAZ

Public hearings on the matter of construction of the experimental building of the Krasnoyarsk aluminium plant (KrAZ) for working off of ecologically safe aluminium production technology on the basis of inert anodes took place. The innovation of UC Rusal was supported by the majority.

More than 250 Krasnoyarsk citizens as well as the deputies of the legislative assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Krasnoyarsk city parliament, representatives of the city and territorial administration, supervision bodies, volunteers of noncommercial organizations and specialists in the sphere of Krasnoyarsk ecology took part in the public hearings initiated by the head of the city, Edkham Akbulatov.

The participants got acquainted with the main features of the new development making it different from the traditional technology, the stages of fulfillment and the opinion of the competent ecologists of the city.

“This step means innovational development of the aluminium industry with reduction of the impact on the environment and makes it possible to improve the ecological situation. It is not supposed to finance the project due to the budget of the territory and the city. The financing will be provided by Skolkovo innovation centre and the company itself”, deputy of the city parliament Yelena Penzina said.

Taking into account the ecological direction of the project the Chairman of the Nature Conservation committee of Krasnoyarsk territorial association of scientific and engineering organizations Anatoly Kucherenko said, the inert anode innovations were important and opportune for Krasnoyarsk. He suggested supporting the initiative of Rusal in realization of all the stages of the project at KrAZ.

Krasnoyarsk citizens supported the metallurgists and voted for the project (187 against 34). Thus, the metallurgists obtained the permission for construction of an experimental building including 6 electrolysis cells at the territory of Krasnoyarsk aluminium plant having all necessary infrastructure and resources.



Translated by Alexandra Utyasheva

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