Abramovich-junior gets Vostok – he bought another oil company in Russia

The British Vostok Energy with assets in the Saratov region will be bought by Bandbear of Valentin Bukhtoyarov for Zoltav of Roman Abramovich’s son Arkady for $170 million. The deal became possible after start of the bankruptcy procedures in Vostok Energy – as a result the managers from PricewaterhouseCoopers found the purchaser. At the same time, owners of Vostok Energy say that they have known nothing about the deal and, according to lawyers, they can dispute it.
Zoltav Resources, a part of ARA Capital of Roman Abramovich’s son, Arkady, has bought the British company Vostok Energy, which works in the Saratov region,Interfax and market sources reported to  Kommersant yesterday. Zoltav itself declined to comment. But on November 12th, the company reported at LSE about agreement with Valentin Bukhtoyarov’s Bandbear on “development in Russia”.

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