OMZ-Specialsteel produces rolled sheet to construct Russian icebreakers of new generation

The enterprise OMZ-Specialsteel, a part of OMZ Group, has produced rolled sheets of the high strength steel AB2R. The production was accepted by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and shipped to the customer – the Far East Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair.

The rolled sheet was produced by the new technology: out of cakes, cast by the siphon method. The casting of  the steel by lift tube is carried out to improve the surface quality of cakes and economy of  themetal: cakes, cast by the siphon method don’t require stripping and significant cleaning.

The shipped rolled sheet will be used in the construction of head sea multifunctional salvage vessel of MPSV06 project - diesel-electric – icebreaker with capacity of 7 MW. This salvage vessel of reinforced ice-class has an unlimited navigation area, including travelling along the Northern Sea Route. It will be able to carry out icebreaking operations in the port and harbor waters, as well as in freezing non-arctic seas with ice at thickness up to 1.5 meters, to assist in extinguishing of fires in offshore and onshore facilities, accessible from the sea, to carry out a survey of the seabed and damaged objects at the depth of up to 1000 meters.

Translated by Svetlana Kyrzhaly

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