Tau-Ken Samruk received contracts for 2 polymetallic deposits in Kazakhstan

The Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan and the joint stock company “National ore-mining company “Tau-Ken Samruk” (the national operator of ore-mining assets) signed contracts for a prospecting of copper, gold and associated components at the Spasskaya ore-mining zone and polymetallic ore production at the deposit Alaigyr, the press-service of “Tau-Ken Samruk” stated.

Both of the deposits are in the Karaganda region (Kazakhstan).

The Spasskaya ore zone is located 100 km to the north-east of Karaganda. Its total area makes up 13.8 thousand square kilometers. There distinguished 10 ore clusters within the zone for clarity. There are 150 ore occurrences and mineralization points within them, as well as the deposits Koktas-Sharykty, Kyzylshoky, Altyntobe, Khadzhikongan and Shokai. As of early 2009, the prospects of the Spasskaya copper mineralization zone, as for forecast resources of C2 category, were assessed at 1.353 million tons of copper ore with an average copper content of 1%. The total C2 forecast resources and the ones of P1+P2 categories were assessed at 3.327 million tons of copper ore.

It was stated earlier that the resources of the deposit Alaigyr (lead, silver) make up over 50 million tons of ore.


Translated by Iraida Idiyatova

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