Announcements of European Commissioner on South Stream are groundless

The announcements of the European Commissioner G. Ettinger that South Stream causes problems in the realization of the Southern Corridor on gas supply from Central Asia to Europe by passing Russia are groundless and contradict the earlier position, the deputy chairman of Gazprom A. Medvedev told the Prime agency. Southern Corridor suggests gas supply from Turkmenia to Azerbaijan and then via Turkey by the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline and also the construction of the Nabucco gas pipeline. Mr. Read more »

Gazprom, Eni, EdF and Wintershall have signed shareholders agreement for South Stream

On Friday Gazprom, Eni, EdF and Wintershall have signed the shareholders agreement for South Stream Transport company for realization of South Stream project laying a gas pipeline from Russia to Europe via the Black Seabed. The document was signed at the investment forum in Sochi in presence of the Premier, V. Putin.

Translated by Nadezhda Poltoratskaya

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European Commission has criticized South Stream

Tomorrow in the presence of the Prime Minister V. Putin, Gazprom is to sign a legally binding agreement of shareholders with the participants of South Stream – ENI, EDF and Wintershall – on their joining the project and the warranties of its launch. But  the document is being prepared under pressure from the part of the  European Union. The European Commissioner G. Ettinger called the project to be contradicting the interests of the EU and threatened Gazprom with contract problems if South Stream competes with Nabucco. Read more »

Fitch: Nord Stream to deprive gas operators of the Ukraine and Slovakia of 20% revenue from transit

Fitch expects the launch of the 1st branch of the gas pipeline Nord Stream to lead to the fall of the transit revenue of the gas operators in the Ukraine and Slovakia – Naftogas and Slovensky Plynarensky Priemysel (SPP) – by 20% in 2012, the agency reports.
The filling of the Nord Stream pipeline with process gas started on Tuesday at the compressor station “Portovaya”. 
At the present time the Russian gas is shipped to the Western Europe by 2 routes – via the territory of Belarus and then Poland and also via the Ukraine and then Slovakia, 2/3 of the supplies are done by the 2nd Read more »

Yazev: Development of Northern Sea Route will allow Russia become leader in Arctic development

The deputy chairman of the State Duma of Russia said as a result of the regional conference of divisions of the “United Russia” party in Cherepovets, the press secretary of Mr. Yazev, L. Egorkina told the portal “Oil of Russia”.
Today only Russia has the necessary technical facilities (atomic icebreakers) that allow  the holding of operations of any difficulty in the Arctic, including vessel navigation by nuclear ships, geological exploration of the Arctic Sea bottom, oil and gas production.
The Northern Sea Route is a unique naval communication.

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A.Miller and P.Scaroni to discuss construction progress of South Stream

The chairman of the Board of Management of OAO “Gazprom” A.Miller and the chief head of ENI Paolo Scaroni discussed the progress of the gas pipeline South Stream's construction implementation, the press-service of Gazprom stated. The parties agreed that the implementation of the project is carried out in strict accordance with the scheduled terms. Read more »

Gazprom and Winershall AG discussed technologies in the sphere of hydrocarbon raw materials processing

The delegations of Gazprom OAO and the German company Wintershall AG in the structure of BASF Group concern visited Gazprom pererabotka OOO. Read more »

Russneft to pay off its debts by 2017

Russneft is able to pay off its debts by 2017, the President of the company M. Gutseriyev reports. Before he left Russia in 2007, the company debt was $1 billion, and when he returned in 2010, the debt reached $6.5 billion. Within one year it has been reduced to $5.3 billion. Read more »

UC Rusal loses shareholders

There  maybe changes in the list of stockholders of UC Rusal. Sual Partners belonging to V. Vekselberg and L. Blavatnik are ready to leave the company share capital. They two hold 15.8% in the aluminium company. Under the agreement closed between the majority shareholders of UC Rusal En + by O. Deripaska, Sual Partners, Onexim by M. Prokhorov and Glencore, if Sual Partners decides to sell its share in the company, it should offer it first to En +. There's no information whether Sual Partners has offered its shareholding either to En +, or to other owners of UC Rusal. Read more »

Nord Stream gas pipeline is connected to the OPAL in Germany

The last seam finally interconnects the gas pipeline Nord Stream from Siberia and the interconnecting European  gas pipeline  OPAL, the final weld was made on the receiving terminal in the coastal Lubmin town (Germany), German Wintershall reported.

 Thus, almost everything is ready to directly link the largest gas fields in Siberia to European consumers. Read more »

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