Interview with the Vice President of Zoloto-MD A. Vyazovskiy

Interview with the Vice President of Zoloto-MD A. Vyazovskiy

Q. : What will you recommend to common people for protection of their minor savings, for prevention of their devaluation at least, while the current unstable era?

A. : The most honest answers are based on own experience. I can tell how I save funds for my senior age. I distrust either to the state, the banking system or our national currency that has devaluated twice within the latest 2 years. My parents lost all their savings in Sberbank within one day. In 1992 inflation was 2600%. We also remember blocking of the credit balances in 1998. Nearly every Russian generation faces either hyperinflation, confiscatory monetary reforming or bank default. That’s why I trust only to gold in its physical form.

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